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AHDI's Online Training Courses
by Tina Wilson - Wednesday, 12 October 2016, 02:43 PM

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Are you a current CMT and interested in earning the CHDS credential.

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  • Purpose and Scope: The RHDS exam measures code knowledge of a Level 1 healthcare documentation specialist. To recredential as an RHDS, you must demonstrate ongoing comprehension of Level 1 knowledge.

    The recredentialing course covers a selection of fundamental objectives including report types, style, grammar, editing, computer maintenance, and ethical business practices. In addition, it covers updated information in style, pharmacology, clinical medicine, technology, and industry standards. 

    This course includes quizzes for each section and a final examination. Each quiz can be taken twice, with the highest score being recorded. The final exam can only be attempted once.  Each quiz and the final exam require a minimum passing score of 75%.

  • Purpose and Scope: The electronic health record (EHR) course will prepare you with the skills and understanding needed to successfully use any EHR program you may encounter in the medical setting. You will gain hands-on experience using the SpringCharts program, an authentic, ONC-certified, fully functional EHR program.

    The course covers skills such as setting up new patient records, creating a Face sheet, entering insurance information, scheduling appointments, tracking patients, scheduling procedures, building an office visit note, modifying an immunization record, working with superbill forms, viewing and graphing lab results, charting and processing tests, and documenting and activating procedure and diagnosis codes (ICD-9 and ICD-10). The required text also covers the history of the EHR and government initiatives and regulations, including Meaningful Use, HIPAA, and the HITECH act.

    This course includes section quizzes, and starting with Chapter 3 there are exercises with step-by-step instructions and visual aids that guide you through the features of the EHR. Exercises are assigned and will be self-graded. Quizzes may be taken as many times as needed, but course-takers must pass each quiz in order to move on to the next week’s assignments. The minimum passing score is 75%. The course must be completed within the 10-week time allotment.

  • Purpose and Scope: The CHDS Bridge Course is designed to offer certified medical transcriptionists (CMTs) a means for bridging to and earning the certified healthcare documentation specialist (CHDS) credential.  Based on the current CHDS exam blue print (updated in 2010), this course will address only the expanded healthcare documentation objectives—ie, content and knowledge domains not covered on any prior CMT exam: advanced editing, regulatory compliance and technical standards, applied clinical medicine, speech recognition, and health information technology.

    The CHDS Bridge Course covers objectives in advanced clinical medicine, including clinical practice, surgical practice, and diagnostic scenarios.  It also addresses objectives in health information technology, including terminology and fundamentals related to the electronic health record (EHR), clinical terminologies and standards, and speech recognition technology and practice.

    This is an 8-week course that requires reading and review of supplementary materials for each objective and offers practice questions as well as section quizzes and a final examination. Each section quiz must be successfully completed before advancing to new content, and no section can be skipped or bypassed. The final exam may only be attempted once. 

  • Purpose and scope: The CHDS Study Course is a 12-week level 2 preparatory course consisting of weekly reading assignments and accompanying quizzes to test your knowledge. Participants will spend time reviewing and understanding the CHDS exam blue prints as well as studying level 2 clinical medicine concepts by specialty, health information technology, and speech recognition technology. The final two weeks of the course will be spent on practicing critical thinking and accuracy as well as applied transcription and editing skills.

    All parties in the study course should be committed to following the schedule outlined and completing the course work in order to achieve the best results and be as prepared as possible prior to sitting for the CHDS exam.

  • Purpose and scope: The RHDS Study Course is an interactive ongoing 12-week session consisting of weekly reading assignments on current topics and excerpts from the Language of Medicine, 9th edition and The Book of Style for Medical Transcription, Third edition, presentations and recordings, activity sheets, and 10-20 question quizzes. Participants can chat live with other study group participants and post or comment on discussion topics in the forum. At the end of the 12-week session, participants will be offered a final practice exam consisting of questions pulled randomly from the weekly quizzes.

    All parties in the study course should agree to the schedule set forth, including the material to be covered, and be committed to doing the work and participating in discussions. They should understand self-study augmented by group study is key to meeting their goals, and that no group can be delayed because one or more parties fails to accomplish assignments. 
  • Hematology and Lymphatics Continuing Education Module offered in partnership with AHDI and OAK Horizons.

  • Word Building and Medical Terminology Continuing Education Module offered in partnership with AHDI and OAK Horizons.

  • Genetics Continuing Education Module offered in partnership with AHDI and OAK Horizons.

  • Oncology and Pathology Continuing Education Module offered in partnership with AHDI and OAK Horizons.

  • The Acute Care Module was created to help Medical Transcriptionists make the leap from clinic to hospital work. In today’s market, employers are looking to hire acute care MTs and passing over clinic MTs who have terrific skills but limited exposure to acute care work.

    This module combines 5 body systems/specialties (cardiology, respiratory, gastroenterology, orthopedics and general surgery) with the focus on acute care documentation (history and physicals, consults, discharge summaries, and operative notes). The length of the program is 3 months and the Book of Style 3rd edition and the Language of Medicine by Chabner are the recommended resources.

  • Review the anatomy of the heart and listen to the heart sounds associated with friction rubs, murmurs and clicks. View EKGs online showing heart attacks, chest pain and other cardiac events. Test your knowledge and improve your efficiency as you research links to excellent cardiac sites.

  • Dermatology Continuing Education Module offered in partnership with AHDI and OAK Horizons.

  • General Surgery Continuing Education Module offered in partnership with AHDI and OAK Horizons.

  • Infectious Disease and Emergency Medicine Continuing Education Module offered in partnership with AHDI and OAK Horizons.

  • Orthopedics Continuing Education Module offered in partnership with AHDI and OAK Horizons.

  • Radiology Continuing Education module offered in partnership with AHDI and OAK Horizons.

  • Respiratory Continuing Education Module offered in partnership with AHDI and OAK Horizons.

  • This course was designed to assist Medical Transcriptionists in becoming more proficient and productive in the use of Microsoft Word. Special attention has been focused on using the keyboard rather than the mouse to complete daily work.

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